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15 Things to Bring to a March

Happy Earth Day! I, like thousands of you, will celebrate today by attending one of the many satellite March for Science events. This is not my first protest, so I have a well crafter set of items to bring.Various items with text over it.

#1 Good shoes

This one may almost go without saying, but you may be surprised by how many people show up in their regular day shoes. I always am. You’ll stand for hours, without doing much. You will march – slowly – but still some distance. Leave the cute shoes behind. Wear your running/workout shoes.

#2 Comfy Pants

Don’t wear pants that you can’t wait to get out of by the end of the day. You’ll be on your feet for most of the time, so you want to wear something the lets you move and stretch easily when needed. You may have the opportunity to sit occasionally, but on things like the side of the road or parking lots. Do not wear a skirt. Or anything you’re not comfortable getting dirty.

#3 Supportive Bra

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory for those of us on the busty end. You may not plan on any running or jumping, but there’s often dancing and crowd mentality that leads to lots of bouncing.

#4 Water

Don’t wimp out on this! Yes, it’s heavy to carry in the morning, but you’ll be so happy by the end of the day that you stayed hydrated. So spring for the larger water bottle.

#5 Snacks

Chances are there won’t be food nearby. So bring some protein-heavy snacks with you (nuts, bars, etc).

#6 Sunscreen

A perfect suggestion for Earth Day. Make sure to protect yourself as you fight to protect our planet. And don’t forget to reapply throughout the march!

#7 First Aid and Personal Care

Various items like sunscreen, water bottle, first aidYou’ll never know when you’ll need a Band-Aid (especially if you skip #1, blisters anyone?). But make sure to put some painkillers in as well in case you get a headache – or someone steps on your foot. Sadly, some protests can turn violent; this item may be more useful than you plan. Also bring wet wipes, menstruation items, ChapStick, or any other personal care things you may need.

#8 Weather Items

Bring layers if you need them. Bring a hat to keep your head warm or protect your face from the sun. Check the weather – if it’s going to rain bring a poncho with a hood (not an umbrella).

#9 Identification

Don’t leave home without a valid identification (students, your school ID does not count). This item is extremely important should any incident occur in which the police get involved. Don’t be scared; be prepared.

#10 Tech chargers/batteries

Bring whatever portable chargers and extra batteries you need – phone, extra camera batteries. I highly recommend solar chargers, so even your extras don’t run out of juice.

#11 Empty bag

You and your fellow marches will create trash. Don’t just dump it on the street! Bring an empty bag to put your trash in so you can dispose of it correctly at the end of the day.

#12 Emergency Contacts

Keep your emergency contacts on paper, just in case your phone and chargers fail.

#12 Small Bag

Keep all your stuff in a small bag than can close. Don’t bring a large backpack. They may not look cool, but fanny packs are actually some of the best kinds of bags to bring because they are hands free.

#13 Signs

But only those you want to carry the whole day. I gave up on them a while ago because after an hour or so, they’re mostly burdensome. Stick to ones you can fold or roll for easy transportation. Most organized marches and protests (included March for Science) ask you not to attach signs to posts as these can turn into weapons.

#14 Money

Have your public transit card loaded with enough to get you there and back. Carry enough change to make a phone call. Bring enough cash for a cab ride home.

#15 Friendly Spirit

Remember your fellow protesters are there to support the same cause as you. Let’s win this together!

Women from Bones

Top 5 Fictional Women in STEM

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about how we can get girls involved in STEM and how they don’t have role models in pop culture (books, TV shows, movies, etc.). This is certainly true. A study by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media found that in 129 top-grossing family films (2006-2011), only 26 characters in STEM fields were female, compared to 134 male characters.

So, in honor of Women’s History Month, we decided to create a list of our favorite, awesome, STEM characters in pop culture. I had five fellow women help me come up with this awesome list of our top 5 favorite characters, and a list of 15 honorable mentions. They may not be “historical” but they are a part of pop culture history, and that’s important too!

Warning: There are lots of spoilers!

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Why I’m not Watching the Super Bowl

Why I'm not watching the Super BowlThis year will be the first time I do not watch the Super Bowl. And while I am extremely aware of it (trust me my neighbors are already making me aware of it and it’s still hours to game time) and that I might be missing information for conversations at the office this week, I’m pretty happy about the decision. I’ve never liked football or enjoyed watching the game. I would watch because it was the thing to do, because my brother/dad/friends wanted to watch it, because I’m in marketing and wanted to see the commercials.

But this year I’ve decided those reasons aren’t good enough. Not even the commercials are enough to tempt me, especially as it’s easy to watch them on YouTube afterward.

So, why? After 20+ years have I finally made these decision?

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Project Runway Season 14 Finale – Why I think the judges made the right choice

It’s apparently a controversial stance to take, but I think Ashley complete deserved the win. All season long, I was moved by Kelly’s story. She truly epitomizes the American Dream – taking care of her ailing father, working a basically dead end job at the local deli, all while dreaming of making her living following her dream.

But I liked Ashley’s clothes better. More women could wear them. They were cohesive. Project Runway has always prided itself on rewarding those who break from the model, do something new, and have a ready market. Ashley’s clothes by the nature of addressing an underserved market, of being for plus size, did all three of these. Kelly’s collection will only look good on skinner women. I also agree with Zach’s comment that it had a trashy element – in general the clothes reminded me of things you would see on Jersey Shore. It also reminded me of Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century (Why aren’t we living on space stations yet?). I give credit to Kelly for playing with patterns, but I didn’t think the different types of fabric were enough to win over Ashley.

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How “The Intern” Lost Its Way as a Feminist Movie


I have thought about what topic to cover in my first post for a long time. I baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last week and knew it would be a good post, but I did not want to start my blog with baking. I want this space to be more than recipe sharing. I thought about sharing a work outfit, but that did not ring true either.

Then I went to the movies and watch The Intern. I knew almost immediately it was a perfect way to introduce my blog to the world.

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