Wardrobe Switching – Saying Goodbye to More than Winter

Okay – I’m perhaps a week late with taking on this project, but it’s that time of year again: switching my wardrobe. Goodbye warm, tranquil colors of fall and winter. Hello bright, boisterous colors of spring and summer.

I like to change my wardrobe around the first day of spring each year, although I do bow down to the weather occasionally. Last week I went to storage to grab some of my summer clothing for a work trip to Orlando – more on that in a later post – but I didn’t actually do the full change until this week. It’s somewhat like seeing old friends again. I do miss my clothing, but swapping out my clothing allows me to have even more!

As I went about repacking my colder clothing, I realized something important; this winter was a discovery of sweaters I kept just because I dreaded not having enough, not because I loved them. Continue reading

Winter Kale & Quinoa Pomegranate Salad

Winter Kale and Quinoa Salad with Pomegranates

I love salads because you can put really anything in them and change them easily to your tastes. However, I’m not a huge fan dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, etc). I’ve been trying to do a better job of eating them, especially since they’re in season right now. It’s a perfect time for kale, in particular. But it’s hard to eat something you don’t truly enjoy. So I decided to combine kale with some of my other winter favorites for a tasty meal for one and was quite happy with my success!Kale, pomegranates, pumpkin seeds, and a pear

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Holiday White Hot Chocolate

Sometimes I want a break from the more traditional holiday drinks like Eggnog and Apple Cider. So a few years ago I began experimenting with white hot chocolate. I kept adding or changing ingredients until it was the perfect blend of spices and sweetness to feel like winter in a cup!

It’s easy to make and doesn’t take very long at all. It’s perfect for entertaining all week long or when you’re taking that morning break from opening gifts.

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Stay Warm & Cozy with Winter Sweaters



It’s certainly a weird winter all over. El Nino is causing warmer weather than average in most of the states and drier spots elsewhere (at least for now – when the rains hit, watch out for the flooding). But there’s still a chill in the air!

Autumn and earlier winter is my favorite time of the year for fashion. Sweaters, coats, hat scarves! What’s not to love? It’s the perfect excuse to be a cozy all day long.

This week, I paired neutral, winter-colored sweaters with bold, fun-colored bottoms.

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