Project Runway Season 14 Finale – Why I think the judges made the right choice

It’s apparently a controversial stance to take, but I think Ashley complete deserved the win. All season long, I was moved by Kelly’s story. She truly epitomizes the American Dream – taking care of her ailing father, working a basically dead end job at the local deli, all while dreaming of making her living following her dream.

But I liked Ashley’s clothes better. More women could wear them. They were cohesive. Project Runway has always prided itself on rewarding those who break from the model, do something new, and have a ready market. Ashley’s clothes by the nature of addressing an underserved market, of being for plus size, did all three of these. Kelly’s collection will only look good on skinner women. I also agree with Zach’s comment that it had a trashy element – in general the clothes reminded me of things you would see on Jersey Shore. It also reminded me of Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century (Why aren’t we living on space stations yet?). I give credit to Kelly for playing with patterns, but I didn’t think the different types of fabric were enough to win over Ashley.

Let’s break it down by outfit:

Ashley First Look

Ashley First Look


Kelly First Look

I love that Ashley added a pop of color with the blue bandeau. My general criticism for Ashley’s collection is that many of the outfits were monochromatic. The blue elevates this ensemble. I might pair the tops with a black skirt. I could also easily pair that skirt with any range of other tops. Yay versatility!

Here’s a good Zenon example – it’s a space jumper. What is the point of the bib? If you’re not nearly flat chested like this model, it’s like a weird peekaboo. Also this white seems a little thin for an entire jumpsuit. It’s pretty see through. I would be uber nervous to wear it.

Winner: Ashley

Ashley Second Look

Ashley Second Look


Kelly Second Look

These dresses are actually pretty similar, within the designers overall concepts, so I thought it was interesting they were placed in the same order. Truthfully, I’m not a huge fan of either, but I lean towards Ashley’s because I think it’s classier. The more narrow mid-body, see-through panel on Ashley’s dress is more flattering for the model’s body. It creates curves by making your eye think it’s cinched in at the waistline. If you had curves (like I do) Kelly’s dress would be awkward because that wide of a see-through panel would show the entire curvature.

Kelly’s headphones are awesome. I would love a pair of glittered, decked-out headphones. But she’s a clothing designer not an accessories designer.

Winner: Ashley


Ashley Third Look


Kelly Third Look

I love, love, love Ashley’s skirt! Dress it up, dress it down. So many options. When the model spun, I wanted to die with envy. That’s the kind of skirt you can have fun with. I think the sweetheart neckline for the top is a good choice, as it is flattering on many body types. The zipper placement for the top didn’t quite work for me – it looks like it’s drawing a line to the model’s nipple – but I like the concept of an asymmetrical zipper.

The design on Kelly’s dress for this third look does a great job of what Ashley’s second look did. It creates the allusion of curves. The darting at the waistline makes it seem even smaller than it is. However, anyone with boobs would tumble out of Kelly’s dress. You can definitely only wear this to a club (or maybe in Los Angeles).

Winner: Tie


Ashley Fourth Look


Kelly Fourth Look

Ashley’s dress looks like a beach cover up to me. It’s fun, loose a cool color. I think she missed an opportunity by not accessorizing well. A belt that matches that purple flower would have gone a long way in tying the look together.

Look! Zenon is back. Or maybe it’s Nebula, getting ready to go to a dance party/concert? I do love the skirt. It’s shiny and would be awesome for the holidays. Pass on that top.

Winner: Tie


Ashley Fifth Look


Kelly Fifth Look

I like Ashley’s outfit because it’s sexy without making the model look like a hooker. I feel like a lot of the time, designers, and people in general, feel like plus size women cannot be sexy. The cutout is fun and risqué.

Kelly’s look is fine, but I’m not a fan of shorts without pockets. I personally couldn’t wear that top because my skin is too fair. I don’t really see what’s fashion forward about the outfit either. What’s new or different about it?

Winner: Ashley


Ashley Sixth Look


Kelly Sixth Look

Ashley’s model looks stunning. She is owning her body. I think, again, it feels like beachwear. I could totally see going to a luau in this outfit. Also this headdress is one I really love. Great decision to add it to this outfit.

Great color choice for Kelly’s top. I could see wearing that top out for a evening in the city. However, I really don’t understand these pants. It’s like trying to dress up yoga pants?

Winner: Ashley


Ashley Seventh Look


Kelly Seventh Look

I like Ashley’s suit. It’s a great color combination. Although, personally I wouldn’t wear the jacket with the shorts all the time. How cool would those shorts look with winter white leather jacket? Or that jacket and blue top with a black pencil skirt? All three items are great mix-and-match pieces.

Again, I couldn’t wear that dress because of my coloring. I really only think this dress would look awesome on model thin people. Large boobs would make the pattern look pretty wonky. Also, I think it switched from opaque to transparent is too high. I’d worry about showing some private bits.

Winner: Ashley


Ashley Eighth Look

Kelly Eighth Look

Kelly Eighth Look

I don’t understand or like either of these outfits. If someone has insight, please share in the comments!

Winner: Neither


Ashley Ninth Look

Kelly Ninth Look

Kelly Ninth Look

I thought adding this color to the palate with the surprise, extra look was a good decision. I don’t like how the fabric under the lace is cut, however. It looks like she’s wearing purple underwear. The cut emphasizes her waist, which makes her hips look wider than they are.

Kelly’s last two looks are amazing. Her model is fierce! The slit is a little high for my taste, but maybe if I had legs that long I’d feel different.

Winner: Kelly


Ashley Tenth Look

Kelly Tenth Look

Kelly Tenth Look

I don’t have much to say on Ashley’s look. It’s very runway, and goes well with the rest of her collection.

Kelly’s look, however, is a show stopper. It moved will on the runway as the way the skirt portion was cut flowed well. I thought it was more elegant than the other pieces in her collect, and could easily see a star like Katy Perry wearing it on the red carpet. VMAs? I could even see Katy wearing that color lipstick!

Winner: Kelly

So what do you think?

(Sidenote, I was disappointed with Candice’s collection. I feel like she choked. I hope she’ll come back for All Stars and win!)

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