I am a feminist. I believe that we should have equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights, regardless of our genetic sex or the gender we choose. People should be awarded based on skill and performance, not their gender. I also strongly believe that gender (not sex) is a social construct. A particular sex take on characteristics based what society dictates are traits of the corresponding gender. But gender is not black and white; it is a spectrum. You can have great leadership skills and still cry at movies. You can enjoy taking care of others and still make quick, decisive decisions in the boardroom.

For a long time, the feminist movement has pushed for women to take on more of the traditional male qualities. And while I am extremely grateful for those brave women who have come before me (I love wearing pants, thank you very much!), I think it’s time we stop telling little girls that to be leaders they must be more like boys. It is time we stop scoffing at little boys when they show signs of empathy. We should embrace both traditional male and traditional female qualities, and let a person choose their own place on the spectrum.

This particular blog focuses on the idea that it is okay to enjoy traditionally female qualities, embrace being a woman, and still demand equality. I happen to love cooking and fashion. I also love to lead teams and be the person in charge. I am fearlessly feminist and fearlessly a fashionista – I am fearlessly feminista.




Side note: I am a well-off, white female. I recognize that my experiences in no way represent all of the inequality and injustice women as a whole face. If I ever make a broad statement that does not reflect your experience, please let me know. We are stronger when we stand together, and I hope we can learn from one another.

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