Disney Fashionista: Most Beautiful Creature on Four Legs

Are those spots you see? They are, they are!

But not just any spots; they’re the spots of the fearless mother of puppies. Haven’t guessed it yet? This week, I dressed as Perdita from 101 Dalmatians.
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Outfit of the week 2/5

It’s getting close to the end of winter (according to the calendar), so I felt like dressing like winter personified. I paired a beautiful winter white sweater and skirt with a blush colored blouse (all from White House | Black Market – thank you Christmas gifts!). To give it a pop of color and to embrace the idea of ice, I wore ice blue tights (Hue). With my only┬ánude shoes, the outfit really did feel like winter. It works will both with and without accessories, although this week I favored the accessories and used a pin that reminds me of snowflakes and sun to keep the sweater closed.