Disney Fashionista: Most Beautiful Creature on Four Legs

Are those spots you see? They are, they are!

But not just any spots; they’re the spots of the fearless mother of puppies. Haven’t guessed it yet? This week, I dressed as Perdita from 101 Dalmatians.

This week I was traveling for work. I needed to make sure that I packed items easy to pack and that wouldn’t wrinkle too much. To not be too obvious, I only wore one item with spots – my favorite skirt. It’s a white with black polka dot skirt that has pockets. The pockets were perfect for walking around so I didn’t need to lug a bag with me during he work tours. I paired it with a light weight black top, perfect for Texas humidity.

Like most of these outfits so far, the accessories were essential. Without them, I could have been any Dalmatian. To channel my inner Perdita, I wore blue shoes and a blue necklace with gold specks. These items helped pull in her blue collar and make me Perdita, not just one of the 101.

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