Disney Fashionista: Rain Calls in Mary Poppins

For my second work outfit inspired by a Disney character, I was also inspired by the rain. With a need for both an overcoat and an umbrella, who better than our favorite singing nanny?

Black skirt, white top, blue cami, red belt, black overcoat, blue hat, black shoes

I went with a full skirt that, while not full length like Mary Poppins favors, moved with the wind. I would have preferred a blue skirt, to be honest, but I didn’t have one that was the right shape. Instead I wore a blue cami under my button-up (always important to wear a cami if you’re larger chested!) and a navy hat. I pulled in the red she wears in several outfits with a structured belt. I also gave people a hint about the character with earrings made of guitar picks with music notes. Thank you to my chorus mate for these perfect earrings!

Not pictured: The umbrella to tie it all together.


Clothing articles combined to look like Mary Poppins Black skirt, white top, blue cami and black shoes for Mary Poppins. Red belt, guitar pick earrings, blue hat, black shoes

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