Stay Warm & Cozy with Winter Sweaters



It’s certainly a weird winter all over. El Nino is causing warmer weather than average in most of the states and drier spots elsewhere (at least for now – when the rains hit, watch out for the flooding). But there’s still a chill in the air!

Autumn and earlier winter is my favorite time of the year for fashion. Sweaters, coats, hat scarves! What’s not to love? It’s the perfect excuse to be a cozy all day long.

This week, I paired neutral, winter-colored sweaters with bold, fun-colored bottoms.

My favorite sweater for this year is this grey and white one from White House | Black Market. It’s thick so it keeps me warm even without a coat most days. I paired it with these red, ankle length pants I got at The Limited. The nice thing about the length of these pants is I can wear them with these sparkly shoes! I got them for the holidays because of their versatility, and they were a perfect fit for this outfit.


Later it the week it was bit warmer, so I braved a skirt and tights. This teal skirt pairs perfectly with this crossover grey sweater. I bought the sweat last year (also from White House | Black Market – sensing a favorite store, yet?).


These were my professional outfits for the week. I also love sweaters on casual days. By far the best sweater for my take-it-easy days is this oversized one. It’s so soft. Who could not be cozy wrapped up in it? I like wearing it with this gold belt, to give my waistline a little more definition. The belt pulls in the gold and tan from the boots, making for a complete look.


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