Staying Colorful at the Office

I don’t know about you, but it can be pretty dreary working in gray office space. We don’t exactly have cubicles, as we have a more open workspace plan than that, but we still have the fabric, pushpin walls that make the place feel a little, well blah.

Not that I ever need an excuse to wear color, as you’ll learn. But a colorful outfit in a dreary office can be fun. It’s a great way to express yourself, without creating a cluttered desk.

This week, I paired a marble skirt from Target with a purple top from White House | Black Market. Finished with a pair of pink and black flats, I added some warmth to the otherwise gray office.

Women's Pencil Skirt - MossimoWhat I loved about the skirt is that it was long enough for a fall breeze. It covered my knees, so I stayed warm as we drop in temperatures.

WHBM Purple TopI’m a fan of combining more form fitting items with looser, billowy items. The combination creates a nice juxtaposition for the eye. I love that cross over gives the shirt details. This particular shirt the cross over is low, so you have to be careful if you carry weight in your lower belly. I suggest, if that’s the case, tucking in the shirt. This keeps the visual interest of the shirt layers, without drawing attention to an area you want to camouflage.

Cole Haan Pink Flats

Personally, with all the colors of this, I keep accessories simple. You can pair this with a black cardigan or a suit jacket if you are in a more conservative office or it gets cold in your building.

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