Tricks to keep you fashionable and your bank account happy - Woman on shopping spree

4 Tricks to Shopping to Your Heart’s Content

A few weekends ago, I was driving home from Tahoe Donner (my new thing for that week) with my mom and we decided to break up the long ride by stopping at some outlet stores. It turned out to be an excellent decision as we were both able to purchase items at great discounts. I spent most of my time at Bath & Body Works, where, due to a mobile app, I knew they were having great deals (spend $30, get $10 off, spend $50 get $20 off, etc.). I replaced my favorite bath soap, which I’m almost out off, bought a candle, and found some new hand lotion.

Close up woman hand with many shopping bags and credit cardMy mom, meanwhile, went into Coach to discover that they were having a 50% off sale! Combined with the lower prices because we were at an outlet store, it was practically a steal. We found a wallet that was on $20!

I love sales and finding deals while shopping. To keep my wardrobe fresh, fun, and exciting, I have to keep my eye out for new items within my price range. So here are 4 tricks I’ve found to shop till you drop! Continue reading