Outfit of the week 5/6

It’s springtime! I love this dress. It’s got pockets that are large enough to fit cell phones (and actually my wallet on quick errands). The best part, though, is the neckline, which has ribbons to clip around your bra straps so they never show. These purple shoes are also wonderful. I found them in a cute little boutique. They’re made in Vietnam and they fit my feet perfectly. They’re wedges so they’re comfortable to wear all day.

Outfit of the week 2/12

Sometimes it hard to put together an outfit – you’re tired, in a rush, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. So, I keep stylish dresses for just those occasions. With built-in visual appeal, like this red dress (color, buttons, and a wavy hem), you still look professional and like you put effort in, even if it took you less than 5 minutes to get dressed. Dresses are perfect for this because literally all you have to do is put on a single item. Paired with these simple black Joan & David shoes, I felt confident going to work and still got compliments!

Outfit of the week 2/5

It’s getting close to the end of winter (according to the calendar), so I felt like dressing like winter personified. I paired a beautiful winter white sweater and skirt with a blush colored blouse (all from White House | Black Market – thank you Christmas gifts!). To give it a pop of color and to embrace the idea of ice, I wore ice blue tights (Hue). With my only nude shoes, the outfit really did feel like winter. It works will both with and without accessories, although this week I favored the accessories and used a pin that reminds me of snowflakes and sun to keep the sweater closed.

Tricks to keep you fashionable and your bank account happy - Woman on shopping spree

4 Tricks to Shopping to Your Heart’s Content

A few weekends ago, I was driving home from Tahoe Donner (my new thing for that week) with my mom and we decided to break up the long ride by stopping at some outlet stores. It turned out to be an excellent decision as we were both able to purchase items at great discounts. I spent most of my time at Bath & Body Works, where, due to a mobile app, I knew they were having great deals (spend $30, get $10 off, spend $50 get $20 off, etc.). I replaced my favorite bath soap, which I’m almost out off, bought a candle, and found some new hand lotion.

Close up woman hand with many shopping bags and credit cardMy mom, meanwhile, went into Coach to discover that they were having a 50% off sale! Combined with the lower prices because we were at an outlet store, it was practically a steal. We found a wallet that was on $20!

I love sales and finding deals while shopping. To keep my wardrobe fresh, fun, and exciting, I have to keep my eye out for new items within my price range. So here are 4 tricks I’ve found to shop till you drop! Continue reading

Stay Warm & Cozy with Winter Sweaters



It’s certainly a weird winter all over. El Nino is causing warmer weather than average in most of the states and drier spots elsewhere (at least for now – when the rains hit, watch out for the flooding). But there’s still a chill in the air!

Autumn and earlier winter is my favorite time of the year for fashion. Sweaters, coats, hat scarves! What’s not to love? It’s the perfect excuse to be a cozy all day long.

This week, I paired neutral, winter-colored sweaters with bold, fun-colored bottoms.

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Project Runway Season 14 Finale – Why I think the judges made the right choice

It’s apparently a controversial stance to take, but I think Ashley complete deserved the win. All season long, I was moved by Kelly’s story. She truly epitomizes the American Dream – taking care of her ailing father, working a basically dead end job at the local deli, all while dreaming of making her living following her dream.

But I liked Ashley’s clothes better. More women could wear them. They were cohesive. Project Runway has always prided itself on rewarding those who break from the model, do something new, and have a ready market. Ashley’s clothes by the nature of addressing an underserved market, of being for plus size, did all three of these. Kelly’s collection will only look good on skinner women. I also agree with Zach’s comment that it had a trashy element – in general the clothes reminded me of things you would see on Jersey Shore. It also reminded me of Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century (Why aren’t we living on space stations yet?). I give credit to Kelly for playing with patterns, but I didn’t think the different types of fabric were enough to win over Ashley.

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Staying Colorful at the Office

I don’t know about you, but it can be pretty dreary working in gray office space. We don’t exactly have cubicles, as we have a more open workspace plan than that, but we still have the fabric, pushpin walls that make the place feel a little, well blah.

Not that I ever need an excuse to wear color, as you’ll learn. But a colorful outfit in a dreary office can be fun. It’s a great way to express yourself, without creating a cluttered desk.

This week, I paired a marble skirt from Target with a purple top from White House | Black Market. Finished with a pair of pink and black flats, I added some warmth to the otherwise gray office.

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