Disney Fashionista: Work Outfits Inspired by Disney Characters – Blue Dress Belle

It’s been a while since I’ve done Outfit of the Week. But I really wanted to start it again. But rather than just putting cute outfits together, I wanted to give myself a goal or challenge to add to it.

So I decided to combine two loves – cute clothing and Disney.

Welcome to the Disney Fashionista Challenge! Once a week (at least, maybe I’ll try for more), I’ll wear an outfit to work that reflects as Disney character.

This week was Belle’s blue dress from Beauty and the Beast.


I chose not to wear a white shirt under a blue dress because that felt a little too literal. Instead, I wore a blue dress with a long white sweater. I felt the sweater was long enough that if pulled in both her collared shirt and the white apron she wears. I didn’t have any blue ribbons for my hair, so instead I wore a bow as a belt to pull in that aspect of Belle’s outfit. I wore black flats, just like Belle!

The hardest part was deciding on accessories. Surprising, I have no book themed jewelry which would be perfect. Instead I completed the ensemble with a compass necklace (thanks BFF!) inspired by Belle’s sense of adventure.

“There must be more to this provincial life.”


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