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Recovering from Election Woes

I feel like I’ve been mourning all month. It’s hard to explain to my more conservative friends and family. If the past year and half did not convince them of Trump’s danger, then explaining my grief at his success will not.

It was important to make space for such sadness. I am lucky to work at an organization that recognized that and encouraged people to take the time they needed. I was also lucky that family respected my heartache and did not push for discussion.

But now it’s time to get up, get up and take a stand. Protesting the results of the election won’t change them. It’s what we do in the next 4 years that will make an impact. We can’t just let others chip away at the civil liberties – the human rights – of our fellow citizens. We have to stand up for what is fair.

Many of my friends who are on the conservative side keep reminding me that exit polls and interviews show Trump supporters didn’t vote for him because of his racist and misogynistic comments, but in spite of them. As if this is supposed to be some kind of comfort. As if that doesn’t mean that those people have decided their right to profit is more important than other’s right to freedom.

Let’s show them that we do don’t accept that. Don’t let this election leave you feeling helpless. We will not be passive citizens. We will donate; we will protest new laws or executive orders; we will make our voices heard. It was never really about Hilary. Even she said that in her concession speech. So, get fired up! Let this election empower you, not immobilize you. We will fight back because we cannot allow the next 4 years to erode our rights.


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