Tricks to keep you fashionable and your bank account happy - Woman on shopping spree

4 Tricks to Shopping to Your Heart’s Content

A few weekends ago, I was driving home from Tahoe Donner (my new thing for that week) with my mom and we decided to break up the long ride by stopping at some outlet stores. It turned out to be an excellent decision as we were both able to purchase items at great discounts. I spent most of my time at Bath & Body Works, where, due to a mobile app, I knew they were having great deals (spend $30, get $10 off, spend $50 get $20 off, etc.). I replaced my favorite bath soap, which I’m almost out off, bought a candle, and found some new hand lotion.

Close up woman hand with many shopping bags and credit cardMy mom, meanwhile, went into Coach to discover that they were having a 50% off sale! Combined with the lower prices because we were at an outlet store, it was practically a steal. We found a wallet that was on $20!

I love sales and finding deals while shopping. To keep my wardrobe fresh, fun, and exciting, I have to keep my eye out for new items within my price range. So here are 4 tricks I’ve found to shop till you drop!

  1. Sign up for email lists

Yes, they can be annoying, but they pay off, I guarantee it. Nowadays with the way online email providers (like Gmail) sort your inbox, you may not even ever have to see them in your main inbox. Or set up an email just for store email lists.

I suggest signing up for your favorite stores’ email lists. I belong to 5-8 of these specific lists. A few are stores that I love, but rarely can afford to shop at and the rest are my most frequently visited stores.

I also recommend finding lists that have general discount listings. I subscribe to Shop It To Me, which lets you pick favorite stores and designers and then sends you emails when items that fit your style profile go one sale at those stores. I also, of course, subscribe to Groupon and LivingSocial for deals on items (and trips! Because I love to travel).

  1. Check what deals your credit cards offer

I have a credit card that gives cash back for certain purchases during a set amount of time. The types of purchases that qualify change every 3 or 4 months. I know it’s not the only card that offers this type of deal. It may not help with the day of purchase, but you can use the cash back to pay the bill, which basically gives you a discount.

  1. Download some shopping apps

Embrace technology! You’ll find the best deals and coupon codes if you do. Obviously, you can search online, but I recommend downloading some apps as well. My favorite is Retail Me Not. It works with your phone’s GPS to tell you when you are near a store with a sale or coupon. Have other ones you love? Let me know in the comments.

  1. Shop at outlets

Okay, yes, it means shopping a few seasons behind. But you can buy classic, timeless items for a lot less by ignoring the stigma. Those blue jeans are going to look awesome on you regardless of the newest trend because they fit you well. And you won’t have to feel guilty spending a ridiculous amount of money on a single pair of pants. So when you’re ready to replace your everyday staples (bras, pants, classic dresses, etc.), head out to your nearest outlet stores. You’re bank account will be glad you did.

Here’s an extra tip: Don’t look at your email lists or mobile apps unless you are already going shopping or need something. It will help you avoid temptation.

Let me know what else you do to save money and keep your fashionista spirit alive!

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